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"CB Got Talent!" - Body Movement: Let's Get Moving!

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The 2nd Executive Committee Meeting (Year 2021 - 2022) (For PTA Excom only)

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The 1st Executive Committee Meeting (2021 - 2022)

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Fifth Annual General Meeting for CBVKIN PTA and Seminar on “Children's Constructive Creativity”

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Salute to Our Beloved Teachers 2021

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Executive Committee (2021-22)

Honorary Chairperson
Mrs. Chiane Mandy CHUNG

Mrs. Jelinda CHAPMAN

Mrs. Michelle CHENG
Mrs. Fanny LEE
Mrs. Diana FOK

Ms. Sabrina LEE, Principal

Mrs. Vicky HO
Mrs. Joyce CHAU

Ms. XIAO Fang, Co-Principal

Mrs. Alice YIP
Ms. Millian Sze, Head of Business Administration and Admissions

Parent Committee Members
Mrs. Fiona AU YEUNG
Mrs. Ivy CHIU
Mrs. Jenny FREEMAN
Mrs. Catherine LAM
Mrs. Jacqueline LIU
Mrs. Mary MA
Mrs. Renee YAM

Teacher Committee Members
Ms. Candy AU, Head Teacher
Ms. Ann FUNG, Head Teacher

Ms. Charlotte CHONG, PYP Coordinator
Ms. Sugar LI, Assistant Head Teacher
Ms. Alice TSANG, Assistant Head Teacher