Parent-Teacher Association

Recruitment of PTA Members / Renewal of PTA Membership for the Year 2023 -2024

Update of Membership Details for the Year 2023 - 2024

Registering Events
PN to K2 Parent-Child Outing with School Teachers at Tai Tong Organic Ecological Garden (Sat, Dec 9, 2023)

Recruitment of Parent Volunteers _ Nov and Dec's Special Activity Day (Fri, Nov 24 and Fri, Dec 22, 2023, PTA MEMBERS Only)

Invitation to Join the 59th Organising Committee of the Graduation Album and Graduation Dinner
TeamLab Adventure (Mon, Nov 27, 2023, PTA MEMBERS Only)

The Caring Parents Recipe Book

Past Events
Seminar on Primary One Admission Made Easy! (Sep 2023)

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Baking Workshop (Sep 2023)

Teachers Appreciation Day (Sep 2023)

Victoria Hong Kong Shenzhen Parent-Child Exchange Tour 2023 (May 2023) (Chinese Version Only)

May Special Activity Day “ People In Our Community” (May 2023)

Mother’s Day Baking Workshop (May 2023)

April Special Activity Day “Recycling Fun” (Apr 2023)

Parent & Child Beach Cleaning Activity (Apr 2023)

Parent-Child Nature Tour (Mar 2023)

Parent-Child Art and Craft Workshop (Feb 2023)

Parent-Child Police Museum Visit (Feb 2023)

January Special Activity Day “ Welcome the Lunar New Year”(Jan 2023)

Parent-Child Christmas Baking Workshop (Dec 2022)

First Executive Committee Meeting 2022/2023 (Nov 2022)

October Special Activity Day (Oct 2022)

6th Annual General Meeting (Oct 2022)

PN & K1 Tai Tong Outing (Sep 2022)

Primary One Made Easy (Sep 2022)

Teacher Appreciation Day (Sep 2022)

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Baking Workshop (Sep 2022)

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Executive Committee (2023-24)

Honorary Chairperson
Mrs. Fanny LEE

Mrs Mary MA

Mrs. Fiona AU YEUNG
Mrs. Jelinda CHAPMAN
Mrs. Renee YAM

Ms. Sabrina LEE, Principal

Mrs. Ivy WONG
Mrs. Jessie LI

Ms. XIAO Fang, Co-Principal

Mrs. Joey SIU
Ms. Millian Sze, Head of Business Administration and Admissions

Parent Committee Members
Mrs. Diana FOK
Mrs. Lorraine LAU
Mrs. Connie LEUNG
Mrs. Saiko TAO
Mrs. Sally TSANG
Mrs. Adelaide TSE
Mr. Calvin YIP

Teacher Committee Members
Ms. Candy AU, Head Teacher
Ms. Alice TSANG, Assistant Head Teacher

Ms. Alice CHEUNG, Teacher
Ms. Iris LEE, Teacher
Ms. Danna YANG, Teacher