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January Special Activity Day “ Welcome the Lunar New Year”

27 Jan 2023

January Special Activity Day “ Welcome the Lunar New Year” 

27Jan 2023

Chief Coordinator(s):  Mrs. Catherine CHOI, Mrs. Alice YIP,  Mrs. Catherine LAM, Mrs. Mary MA, Mrs. Sally TSANG, Mrs. Jessie LI


We welcomed the Lunar New Year with fun-filled activities on January’s Special Activity Day. Our children were greeted by the deities of Fu, Lu, Shou  (symbolizing Blessings, Prosperity and Longevity) at the school entrance. The Fortune Gods have also visitedbringing well-wishes and Hong Baos into the classrooms. Can you guess who were underneath these adorable costumes? 

We have brought the Wishing Tree to CB Victoria - children tied wishes to their DIY oranges and threw them up onto wishing tree branches. They celebrated New Year traditions with Parent Volunteers through games and crafts such as stacking up rice / turnip cakes, printing their own “Fú” (福) character, paper-cutting, and decorating peach blossom trees.

Our children also took part in an interactive play, “The Chinese Zodiac Story – The Cat and the Rat,” with the Parent Volunteers and learnt about the different characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Mascots. What a great way to kick off the New Year!

Mrs. Jessie Li

Mother of Danielle Li K1A2AM and Grace Li K1A2AM