Founding & Management


With a passion, determination, and belief in quality early childhood education, school founder and supervisor Ms. Christina Ting Yuk Chee founded Victoria Educational Organisation in 1965. Together with her sister Mrs. Cecilia Lee Ting Yuk Kuen, they established Victoria Kindergarten on Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay. Since its establishment, the school has employed native English teachers, emphasising on the “One Teacher, One Language” teaching philosophy. As the first kindergarten in Hong Kong to employ native English teachers, Bilingual teaching was implemented. Through its development, Victoria has become a well-established kindergarten with the motto “Bilingual Learners Today, World Citizens Tomorrow.”

Educational Heritage

In 1985, Chief Principal Dr. Maggie Koong graduated from the U.S. with a double degree in Psychology and Education and returned to Hong Kong. Upon her return, she joined Victoria Kindergarten and inherited her mother’s passion and belief for early childhood education. In 1998, Dr. Koong established the first Sino-Foreign Joint Venture kindergarten in Shanghai, and has now established 11 Victoria Kindergartens across Mainland China. In 2005, Victoria Shanghai Academy was established as the first through-train school to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP). In 2007, the school was relocated to the newly built Shum Wan, Aberdeen campus.

Dr. Koong is currently the principal of Causeway Bay International Kindergarten, 4 Shanghai Victoria Kindergartens (Pudong, Gumei, Qibao, Xuhui), 4 Shenzhen Kindergartens (Futian, Lilin, Le Parc, Shenzhen Bay), 2 Hangzhou Victoria Kindergartens (Landscape Bay, Jiarun) and Suzhou Victoria Kindergarten. As our leader, Dr. Koong embraces new teaching methods and continues to implement and provide innovative quality education for our students.


Dr Maggie Koong, BBS, JP, Chief Principal
EdD, Med, BA (Psychology and Education)
Joined in 1985

Management Team

Sabrina Lee, Executive Principal
MBA, MASS (Psychology of Education), PGDE(ECE), BA Business Administration
Joined in 1993

Xiao Fang, Co-Principal
MEd. (ECE)
Joined in 2009 and first joined in China

Millian Sze, Head of Business Administration & Admissions
Certificate in Early Childhood Education
Joined in 1981

L. Janette Rossiter, Head Teacher
MEd. (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning), BEd., BA (Psychology & Sociology)
Joined in 2001

Candy Au, Head Teacher
MA (School Improvement and Leadership), BEd. (ECE)
Joined in 2001

Ann Fung, Head Teacher
BEd., BA (Hons), PGDE(ECE), Certificate in TESL
Joined in 2010

Sugar Li, Assistant Head Teacher
B.Ed. (ECE)
Joined in 2011

Alice Tsang, Assistant Head Teacher
B.Ed. (ECE) (Hons)
Joined in 2012

Charlotte Chong, PYP Coordinator
B.Ed. (ECE) (Hons)
Joined in 2016