Pre-Nursery (PN) Application

Admissions for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Applications for the Pre-Nursery (PN) classes for the 2022-2023 Academic Year will be available as indicated on the dates below. If you are interested in applying, please kindly note the following admissions details. 

We will not enroll new Nursery Class (K1) students for the 2022-2023 school year. If parents are interested, please submit the e-preliminary record. Please refer to the details at the bottom of this page, we will contact parents when a vacancy arises. Please note that the e-preliminary record is for record purposes only and is not equivalent to submitting an application form.

2 years to 2 years 11 months old
(Children born between 1st Sept 2019 – 31st Aug 2020)
Application Date:
27th Sept 2021 (10am)  –
31st Dec 2021 (5pm)
Numbers of admissions:
Click here for details
Interview Date:
1st Interview (Submit video within the time period below, click here for video details):
27th Dec 2021 - 5th Jan 2022 ;
2nd Interview :
Jan 2022
Result Release Date:
25th Feb 2022
School Starts:
August 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first round interview will be changed to a video clip submission.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a second interview. Parents of these applicants will be informed individually. Applicants whose elder siblings are studying at Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten and International Nursery will be exempted from the second interview.

Admissions Criteria
  • The Admissions procedures are tailored to different age groups. Students must demonstrate age-appropriate behaviors and knowledge, and understanding of verbal instructions from parents in at least one language (Chinese or English), which is necessary to build a strong bilingual foundation.
  • According to the regulations of the Hong Kong Education Bureau, non-local born children may enter, or reside in, Hong Kong for the purpose of education only with the approval of the Director of Immigration. Non-local born children should have obtained residence approval from the Director of Immigration before admission to our kindergarten and nursery.
  • Priority consideration may be given to applicants from children of our staff and board members.

Important Notes to Parents

  • All our Upper Class students will be given priority to enter Victoria Shanghai Academy.
  • We will not be participating in the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme.
  • Any documents submitted will not be returned regardless of the child’s admission result.
  • Application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Fill in e-Application Form

Applications are open to the public, and applicants must apply online during the designated time period. Please note the following before beginning the application:

  • Select Preferred Classes. Please refer to the “Class Structure & Activity Times” and “Numbers of Admissions ” and select your preferred class(es)
  • Payment. The non-refundable application fee of HK$40 will be charged via PayPal (you may choose to pay by credit card or PayPal account).
  • Document Preparation. Online applications must be submitted with the following documents (in separate files in JPG format (200dpi) with each file size less than 10MB):
    • a) A recent passport size photo of the applicant;
    • b) A copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate (Please provide the original documents to show proof if applicant’s name changes);
    • c) Evidence to indicate the applicant’s parents or elder siblings have graduated from or are studying at our school (if applicable) e.g. report card, student card, class graduation photo, student handbook, etc.
  • Confirmation. Upon completing the online application procedure, a confirmation letter with an application number will be displayed. This means the application form was submitted successfully. Please print or save the confirmation letter for your own record. A copy of the confirmation letter will be sent to the email address(es) provided by parents. If you do not receive a confirmation letter, please check if it has been sent to your spam email folder. Please also add to your safe email list.


Step 2: Attend Interview
    • Parents need to submit a video within the specified period after successfully submitting an application .
    • Details of the video are as follows:
      • 1. Each applicant is required to submit one video only. In case of repeated submissions, the last video we receive will be considered as the final video.
      • 2. The video must be less than 3 minutes and must be in .mov, .mp4 or .wmv video format.
      • 3. The video must demonstrate your child’s: 
        • a) Self-care Ability: e.g., eating, drinking and tidy up toys by oneself;
        • b) Gross-motor and Fine motor Skills: e.g., wiggling, playing toys, walking;
        • c) Parent-child Communication and Interaction Skills: e.g. parent-child reading, parent-child play, etc. The interaction should demonstrate the child's language ability and expression (verbal or non-verbal) skills.
      • 4. Notes for video shooting:
        • a) Application number and applicant’s name should be shown at the beginning of the video;
        • b) No need to deliberately shoot, the most important thing is be natural and demonstrate child's actual daily life;
        • c) The shooting environment is well-lit and the sound is clear;
        • d) File name format: application number + name, e.g. 2022-00001_Chan_Tai_Man
      • 5. Within the video submission date, please use the application number as the subject and email to
      • 6. The video link submitted must remain valid until the date of announcement of the admission results.
      • 7. To ensure the privacy of applicants, only authorized persons from our school are allowed to view the video clips. Parents are strongly advised to take measures to ensure the safety of the video clips on the Internet, such as not sharing the video clips with any third party other than our school.


Step 3: Application Result Release
The application result will be announced via the Interview Result Announcement Platform, parents can also check for the result by logging onto our Platform. An email regarding interview results will also be sent to parents. Result release dates are:
PN: 25th Feb 2022

PN (2021-2022) and K1/K2/K3 (Any Academic Year) Preliminary Record

If you wish for your child to be listed on the preliminary record for the PN of academic year 2021-22 or K1/K2/K3 class of any academic year, please complete the e-Preliminary Record. Should any vacancies become available, you may be contacted. Please kindly note that payment is not needed at this stage.