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CB Got Talent

4 May 2022

September 2021 to May 2022

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Vicky HO & Mrs. Fanny LEE

We know the students of Causeway Bay Victoria are talented, but HOW talented? Through a series of four competitions in art, music, culture, movement, we learned the diversity and creativity of our students’ talents. From September to May, our students submitted their work online for the four competitions based on their interests. Our panel of judges selected a winner for each grade, and Principal Lee and Principal Xiao jointly presented the winners a trophy and award at school. All participants received a certificate of participation.

We have received over 270 submissions with interesting interpretations of each theme. For Show and Tell: Art, entries included body painting, sculptures, painting, flip art, story books, still pieces, and architectural projects. Our talented student body sang and played different instruments such as violin, cello, piano, harp, and drums for Musical Talent: Voices and Instruments. When invited to show us Around the World: Cultural Sharing, students introduced different foods, presented their hometowns, performed lion dance, traditional music, and poems.

For Body Movement: Let’s Get Moving, our PTA Executive Committee Member Jacqueline Zhang, a professional Chinese cultural dancer, taught our students a Chinese cultural dance. Our students learned quickly and performed the dance very well.

Congratulations to our winners:


Grade Show and Tell: Art Musical Talent: Voices and Instruments Around the World: Cultural Sharing Body Movement: Let's Get Moving
PN Jared Paulson Chung (PNA2pm) Carlyn Tse (PNA2pm) Lee Damien Kin Yin (PNA2am) Carlyn Tse (PNA2pm)
K1 Antonia Lai (K1A5am) Chi Catherine Yixuan (K1A1pm) Yuen Arianne Yee Wo (K1A2am) Ng Yee Kiu (K1A1pm)
K2 Summer Xinyun Wang (K2A5pm) Wong Hiu Nam, Felicity (K2A3am) Chen Tung Yan (K2A1ampm) Kong Dexin (K2A1ampm)
K3 Ridley Chi Yu Lo (K3A5pm) Hu, Aiden Yihan (K3A1ampm) Tang Chenhan (K3A1ampm) Yu Yat Nam (K3A2ampm)

We were all blown away by our student’s capabilities and we look forward to discovering more talents in the future!

Mrs. Vicky HO

Mother of Lauren HO K2A5AM