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Fall Outing at Holiday Farm

13 Nov 2021

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Michelle CHENG and Mrs. Vicky HO
On 13 November 2021, the PTA hosted an outing at Holiday Farm in Sheung Shui for our children in K1. We had close to 400 participants joining us on a beautiful day, with teachers leading entertaining group games to kick off the event. Throughout our stay, children took turns to attend DIY workshops: bread making and wind chimes making. They were especially impressed with activities that combined farming experience with playground fun.  Animal feeding was another highlight of the day. During the latter half, Dr. Koong made a surprise visit and brought each child a plastic foam airplane to enjoy on the lawn!  Families truly treasured the opportunity to socialize with Dr. Koong outside of school. At the end, children were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of friendly goats bidding farewell with them at the gate! 

Mrs. Michelle CHENG
Mother of Kyle CHENG K3A1AMPM