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Playright Fun Flag Day 2021

2 Oct 2021

Chief Coordinator: Mrs. Michelle CHENG
Time flies!  It had been three years since our children last participated in a physical flag selling activity. On the 2nd October 2021, we were delighted to see over 200 families from Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten join as volunteers in the Playright Fun Flag Day 2021!  What made this year's event so special?  Playright jointly held an opening ceremony plus a mini carnival with Arts Plus and Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten PTA to formally kick off the event!  Through passionate speech and well-designed games, all participants acquired a better understanding of Playright's mission, that is, to increase public awareness of the value of play for children with different background in Hong Kong. As always, our children were enthusiastic about seeking donations from friends and strangers alike. They truly demonstrated two of the IB learner profiles—caring and communicators—through their charitable action!   

Mrs. Michelle CHENG
Mother of Kyle CHENG K3A1AMPM