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Primary One Made Easy (Sep 2022)

16 Sep 2022

Webinar on “Primary One Admission Made Easy”


16 September 2022


Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Jelinda CHAPMAN, Mrs. Vicky HO and Mrs. Alice YIP


On 16 September 2022, in collaboration with the Victoria Education Organization PTA, we are honoured to have Mr. W. H. Seto from the Hong Kong Education Bureau to share his views and tips on the government’s “Primary One Admissions System”. The seminar was available in hybrid mode (in-person and on Zoom) to kindergarten parents of all grades, and over 400 participants joined. Principals, teachers and parents from different campuses came together to learn about how to best navigate this annual admission process. Parents actively participated in the Q&A session and asked many insightful questions. Everyone left with a better understanding of the steps required to apply for local primary schools. 

Mrs. Vicky HO

Mother of Lauren HO K3A1AMPM