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June Special Activity Day - Tropical Party

24 Jun 2022

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Joyce CHAU, Mrs. Ivy CHIU, Mrs. Jenny FREEMAN, Mrs. Vicky HO, Mrs. Catherine LAM, Mrs. Jacqueline LIU & Mrs. Alice YIP

As the school year draws to a close,  the school and the PTA hosted a June “Tropical Party” Special Activity Day event.  We are incredibly grateful for the 22 parent volunteers who came out to facilitate fun water games for the children. Children dressed in tropical-themed waterproof outfits and enjoyed the sunny weather.  The children got to walk through a rainbow sprinkler with umbrellas or raincoats, tested their aiming skills by shooting water at targets, tossed water balloons into buckets, spray painted wall art, hunted for toy treasures in ice blocks, fished magnetic sea creatures in ponds, and traversed across obstacle course with floaties. Overall, the children had a really great time and so did the school staff and parent volunteers - what a special memorable way to end the school year!

Mrs. Joyce CHAU

Mother of Luke CHAU K1A1PM