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Teacher’s Appreciation Day 2022 (Sep 2022)

9 Sep 2022

Teacher’s Appreciation Day 2022                               

9 September 2022

Chief Coordinator: Mrs. Joyce CHAU, Mrs. Catherine LAM and Mrs. Renee YAM 

Friday, September 9 was not only the school’s Special Activity Day for the Mid-Autumn Festival in which children were encouraged to come to school in Traditional Chinese clothing, but also the annual “Teacher Appreciation Day'' school celebration. Many students created their own cards to express their “thank you” and many of these beautiful cards have been put on display on school walls. Due to the pandemic, only a limited number of parents and children were invited to a small simple celebration in the afternoon. The PTA chairperson Mrs. Jelinda Chapman along with the PTA secretary Mrs. Joyce Chau kicked off the event with a short speech reminding the PTA children to thank their teachers if they haven’t done so already, as well as formally expressing our gratitude to the principals, administrations, teachers, nurse, amahs and all school staff on behalf of all the parents. Afterwards, the PTA executive committee members and their children distributed flowers, small gifts and snacks on each of the floors, hallways and classrooms. We hope the staff enjoyed the day as well as our gifts. Thank you once again for all that you do to nurture our children! Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Day!

Mrs. Joyce CHAU

Mother of Luke CHAU K2A2AMPM and Kara CHAU K1A6AM