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Chinese New Year Parent-Child Activities

28 Jan 2022

Chief Coordinator(s): Mrs. Joyce CHAU, Mrs. Jenny FREEMAN and Mrs. Jacqueline LIU


This year’s Chinese New Year celebrations took place during the pandemic and our school had to switch to zoom-mode. Although we were not able to send our kids to school, there were three activities that the PTA shared with parents which hopefully brought happiness and unforgettable moments to every family during the school holiday.

 Did you and your kids enjoy our video “Parent-Child CNY Dance” by Jacqueline, who is one of our PTA Executive Committee Members as well as professional dancer and teacher? Did you try the recipes from the  “Smart 321 Lunchbox Challenge” booklet, endorsed by another PTA mother Flavia who is the head of Dietician from Sanatorium Hospital? As part of the CNY’s celebration, families were also able to enjoy a video on how to make “Little Mandarin Orange Shaped” Tang Yuan.


Mrs. Jenny Freeman
Mother of Isabella Freeman PNA1PM