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Parent-Child Mother’s Day Online Bath Bomb Making Workshop

1 Apr 2022

April 2022

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Diana FOK, Mrs. Fiona AU YEUNG, Mrs. Jenny FREEMAN


This year's Mother’s Day the PTA hosted our very first parent-child online bath bomb making workshop! Parents and students could choose their favourite colours and natural essential oils producing some unique bath bombs to enjoy a memorable Mother’s Day.


The PTA coordinated logistics and dispatched the packages to our participants beforehand. These packages contained all the materials and components that were needed to complete the workshop. Our bath bomb making instructor had prepared an online instruction video with a QR code to access, provided step-by-step guide with tips along the way on how these adorable and scented bath bombs would be created. It was enjoyable and an absolute delight to produce these bath bombs in various shapes and colours.


We are thrilled to have received many beautiful photos of the event from our participants. The PTA Excom will continue to explore and organize more special activities in future!


Mrs. Diana FOK

Mother of Anderson FOK PNA6PM