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Parent-Child Christmas Baking Workshop (Dec 2022)

17 Dec 2022

Parent-Child Christmas Baking Workshop

17 December 2022

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Fiona AU YEUNG, Mrs. Mary MA, Mrs. Saiko TAO & Mrs. Ivy TSANG


This year’s Christmas the PTA hosted the parent-child Christmas baking workshop at the VSA Food Technology Room and was attended by 90 families over the 4 sessions.  The room was filled with laughter as the children and parents enjoyed baking their snowball cookies, jam-dotted cookies and kisses chocolate cookies in the festive red/green aprons prepared by the PTA. 


We were thrilled to have Principal Lee and Dr Koong visit our workshops and spend time talking and baking with the children.  Dr. Koong even gave us a private tour of the new reception space in the VSA campus extension!


The children were very excited to bring home their cookies in sparkly Christmas tin containers to share with their family and friends.  We all had a wonderful time before the holidays began!


Mrs. Saiko TAO

Mother of Yuji TAO K1A3AM