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Welcoming Outing at Wiseland Adventure

6 Nov 2021

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Michelle CHENG and Mrs. Fanny LEE
On 6 November 2021, the PTA hosted a welcoming outing at Wiseland Adventure in Kam Tin. This is our first-ever PN welcoming event at Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten, with over 400 participants turning up on a gorgeous day!  To start off, class teachers held ice-breaker games using rainbow parachutes. It was delightful to see both children and grown-ups vigorously wave the parachute up and down at the game!  To kick it up a notch, children took part in a number of gross-motor activities, like stilt walking, junior golf, and a maze challenge called "The Lost City!".  In addition, they also spent some quiet time at DIY workshops—paper fan, windmill, sand bottle, and many more. At the end, our mission was accomplished. Families had a wonderful opportunity to mingle with one another and connect with school staff outside of classrooms!

Mrs. Michelle CHENG
Mother of Kyle CHENG K3A1AMPM