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Teacher Appreciation Day

10 Sep 2021

Chief Coordinator: Mrs Jelinda CHAPMAN & Mrs Vicky HO
Every year, for Teacher Appreciation Day, the PTA prepares gifts, flowers and snacks, not only for the teachers, but all staff members of CBVKIN from Chief Principal, Principals, and Head Teachers, to administration staff, nurse and amahs. This year's celebration took place in the early afternoon of 10 September 2021. Besides the usual flowers and snacks, the PTA had prepared a foldable post-it desktop organiser for all staff. Our children helped to distribute the gifts by going from class to class on the different floors. There were many beautiful "Thank You" cards plastered on the doors and walls of all the classrooms. Thank you to all parents for encouraging your children to bring in a card for their teachers! It was a happy and meaningful day for everyone!

Mrs Jelinda CHAPMAN
Mother of Michael Connor CHAPMAN K3A5PM & Mya Charlotte CHAPMAN PNA1PM