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Parent-Child Nature Explore at Tsiu Hang, Sai Kung (Mar 2023)

11 Mar 2023

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Joey SIU, Mrs. Saiko TAO and Mrs. Renee YAM


The PTA organised a nature tour at Lions Nature Education Centre in Sai Kung in March earlier this year. We had over 110 participants joining the event on a warm and sunny day. The participants were divided into small groups with tour demonstrators who guided them to walk around and explore various outdoor zones, such as field crops, wetland paradise and ponds, etc. Our parents and children have seen a variety of living creatures such as ladybirds, caterpillars, tadpoles and butterflies. At the end of the nature tour, children in each group decorated a photo frame using leaves and twigs which they picked up from the ground. Children were also given an illustrative guide to arthropods as a souvenir. Everyone had a great time!


Mrs. Joey SIU Mother of Jacob SIU K1A1AM