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PN & K1 Tai Tong Outing (Sep 2022)

24 Sep 2022

PN & K1 Parent & Child Welcome Outing at Tai Tong Organic Ecological Park 

24 September 2022

Chief Coordinators: Mrs. Fiona AU YEUNG, Mrs. Fanny LEE and Mrs. Mary MA

The PN & K1 Welcome Outing was held on 24 September 2022 at the Tai Tong Organic Eco Park.  It was a very successful event which more than 650 people attended.  The children and parents were overjoyed to see their principals, teachers and school management, and to participate in class activities together. The PN students did a DIY coaster workshop and the K1 students had fun on the grass sled. Other than the class activities, there were horseback riding, feeding of different types of animals, family bike-cycling, bouncy castle, a huge playground and more.  Dr. Koong also came to surprise us with gifts!  Everyone had a blast!  

Mrs. Mary MA

Mother of George MA K3A2AMPM and Anne MA K1A6AM