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Teacher Appreciation Day

10 Sep 2018

Chief Coordinators: Mrs Chiane CHUNG, Mrs Jelinda CHAPMAN and Mrs Vivian WONG

Every year on Teacher Appreciation Day, the Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten & International Nursery Parent-Teacher Association (CBVKIN PTA) Executive Committee takes the lead in preparing gifts, flowers and snacks, not only for the teachers but all the staff members of CBVKIN from Chief Principal, Principals, Directors and Heads, to administration staff, nurse and amahs. Our utmost appreciation goes to every staff member as they not only teach our children, but work together to look after the children’s entire wellbeing while they are in school, from the time they step into the school to the time they leave, tending to their every need.

This year, besides flowers and snacks, the PTA had prepared a utensil set consisting of a fork, a spoon and a pair of chopsticks in an easy-to-carry case, for every member of the staff. Over 50 parents and their children came together to present the gifts to all the staff. Some even came prepared with Thank You cards to give out. It was indeed a happy and meaningful morning, with joyful smiles and laughter all round by all parents, children and staff.

Mrs Jelinda CHAPMAN

Mother of Madelene Cate CHAPMAN K2A3PM and Michael Connor CHAPMAN PNA3PM